Top Ten Alcohol Breathalyzer Tests (2020)

For over half a century, alcohol breathalyzer tests are the most common way to analyze a person’s alcohol consumption and whether they are sober enough to be driving.

As of late, those devices also serve as a method for anyone who wants to check if their alcohol level is too high, with the most regular places you’ll find these breathalyzers being pubs or bars that serve alcoholic drinks.

In the following article, we will analyze the top 10 alcohol breathalyzers, ranking them based on their quality and reliability.

(10) Breathalyzer DOODBI ($19.99)

Breathalyzer DOODBI

Coming in at number 10, we will look at the DOODBI portable alcohol tester and its characteristics. One of the first advantages that need to be considered is the simplicity of the device, making it a great pickup for anyone that is using breathalyzers for the first time.

With its one-button startup system, it is specifically catered to new users. It comes equipped with an accurate semi-conductor sensor that will show the result you have blown in just 3 seconds on a blue LED display.

Additionally, the device is packed with 5 mouthpieces embedded in it, a cloth bag, and 20 more mouthpieces meaning you can share the gadget with your friends or family.

Overall, while this breathalyzer is not DOT approved, given the reasonable $19.99 price tag, it is a stellar choice for any new user. Finally, if your DOODBI machine stops working during the first year of the purchase, the manufacturer will repair it or replace it free of charge.

(9) Breathalyzer Portable Breath ($19.99)

Breathalyzer Portable Breath

Moving on, we will analyze the Portable Breath alcohol tester. Just like its name suggests, this portable breathalyzer is in many regards like DOODBI, as it is very easy to use and comprehend.

The device is accurate, and it will warn you with a sound and a video that your alcohol levels are too high, with the option to change the unit of measurement if you want as well.

One of the selling points of this machine is the energy-saving mode that allows the user to test more than 200 times before having to change a battery.

While it is not DOT approved, the device is easy-to-use, reliable, cheap, and comes with an unconditional 30-day warranty if you are not satisfied.

(8) BACtrack Keychain ($29.99)

BACtrack Keychain

The first advantage that comes to mind with this gadget is that it is a key chain that you can easily fit it in your pocket or a bag because of its size. Do not think that this alcohol tester is inaccurate because of its size though, as it delivers very accurate results backed by the Micro Check sensor technology.

Just like the previous entries we have discussed, it is equipped with one-touch operation, which means that it is catered to new users. One of many great things about this gadget is that it comes equipped with a fold-out mouthpiece guaranteeing that no surrounding airborne gases interrupt your test by entering the gadget.

Overall, the device is not DOT approved, but the key chain design is charming, it is easy to use and priced at $29.99. If that was not enough, the breathalyzer is backed by a one-year warranty if you run into any trouble while using it.

(7)BACtrack Element ($79.99)

BACtrack Element

The seventh entry on this list is the highly regarded professional breathalyzer named BACtrack Element. Its approval comes from the fact that it is DOT approved, meaning that it fully meets the standards police officers use when conducting the roadside alcohol tests.

It is easy to use as well, with the one-button operation system ensuring you will have no trouble operating this device. All in all, while it is priced higher than the previous testers we have talked about, BACtrack Element will give you the proper results, like those measured by police officials.

Additionally, BACtrack offers a one-year warranty if the tool ceases to function.

(6) POMILE Professional Breathalyzer ($16.99)

POMILE Professional Breathalyzer

At number 6, we will discuss a professional analyzer made by POMILE. It is a very accurate tool powered with high-precision digital analyzers, meaning you will get the results you are looking for in just a few seconds.

Powered by the one-touch technology, this tester is suited for beginners, and its small size and carry weight make it a solid choice. While it is not DOT approved, the device is highly accurate in the results it provides, and it comes with a 12-month warranty as well.

(5) BACtrack Scout ($79.99)

BACtrack Scout

Halfway through the list, we meet face-to-face with another BACtrack professional tester, this one being the Scout Breathalyzer. Probably the most important quality of the device is that it is DOT approved, meeting the rigorous standards of police testing.

Its accuracy is further backed up by the Xtend Fuel Cell Sensor that is used in medicine and law enforcement. It is BACtrack’s smallest and most lightweight professional tester to date, being smaller than an average smartphone while keeping things simple with the one-button startup system.

All in all, the Scout is a great purchase as it provides the qualities of the professional BACtrack machines along with their traditional one-year warranty.

(4)BACtrack Trace ($99.97)

BACtrack Trace

We continue the discussion of BACtrack’s professional breathalyzers with their Trace tester. Just like their other previous professional devices, this gadget is DOT approved, meaning you will get results of the highest accuracy.

You will not find many more trusted breathalyzers as the Xtrend Fuel Cell Sensor technology it uses is trusted by law enforcement officials and medical staff. Nevertheless, it is not a complicated device as it comes equipped with the BACtrack’s traditional one-button operation technology. It is worth mentioning that it comes with the standard one-year manufacturer warranty as well.

Overall, this alcohol tester is a great choice for anyone looking for a top-tier tester that will give them the precise results whenever necessary.

(3) iSOBER 30 ($79.99)


We slowly break into the top 3 with the iSOBER 30 Breathalyzer. This award-winning European breathalyzer is becoming a big trend in the States as it is DOT approved while boasting the accurate and reliable fuel Suracell sensor technology.

If that was not enough, iSOBER breathalyzers are testers used by police officers for over 30 years. Its qualities do not stop there, however, as this device is equipped with the standard one-button startup system ensuring that it is easily comprehensible.

In conclusion, once you consider the history this device has in professional usage and the decent price tag, it seems like a good purchase for just about anyone. Finally, iSOBER offers a one-year warranty on all their testers along with 24/7 customer support.

(2) Rofeer Digital Blue ($74.99)

Rofeer Digital Blue

Moving forward, we will talk about Rofeer’s digital alcohol tester. One of the finest qualities of this tester is that it can convert into 6 global measurement units and that it alerts the user with sound and color of the screen if the alcohol levels are too high.

The device is compact, easy-to-use with the one-button system, comes with 5 washable mouthpieces, and it is equipped with an energy-saving mode that ensures the longevity of the product.

In general, while Rofeer does not provide a warranty for the product nor is it DOT approved, it is one of the bestselling breathalyzers for a reason as its accuracy and compatibility are unprecedented.

(1) BACtrack S80 Pro ($129.99)

BACtrack S80 Pro

Taking the crown as the king of professional alcohol testers is BACtrack’s S80 Pro. Over the years, this tester became the go-to option for professional healthcare workers and law enforcement, meaning that you get the premium package upon purchasing this device.

It is that it is DOT approved and equipped with the Xtend sensor technology that ensures maximum accuracy of your results. As far as its simplicity goes, it is the #1 rated breathalyzer by Wirecutter, and it has received overwhelmingly positive results due to its reliability, accuracy, and longevity.

Just like every other BACtrack device, it comes with a one-year warranty if anything goes wrong. Finally, while the S80 Pro is a bit more expensive than the testers it compares with, it truly is the best alcohol tester you can find on the market.

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