20 Reasons to Embrace Addiction Freedom


Are there good reasons to be sober and embrace sober living? It seems intuitive today that being sober is better than being trapped in addiction.

However, it is beneficial to embrace reasons especially if you are attempting to travel the road from addiction to sobriety.

This post will highlight 20 Reasons to EMBRACE Addiction Freedom.

Everyone suffering from alcohol, drug, or a behavior addiction should find a reasonable motivation to pursue a sober and addiction-free life.

Create Your Own List

The following list is here to help you or someone you know to embrace addiction freedom.

It is about removing addiction from your life. Ultimately, if you are attempting to free yourself from addiction, then you will need to formulate your reasoning and create your own lists.

You must embrace your motivation if you are going to embrace clean sober living.

Why is being addiction free important to you, is it your: health, family, career, or something else?

If you need help to formulate your motivate then look at this list of 20 reasons to embrace an addiction-free lifestyle.

Achieve an Inner Peace and Greater Purpose

Your addiction does not define but it clearly causes inner struggle and conflict which is why you are reading this post.

The great thing about overcoming addiction is discovering who you are and what your life’s purpose is.

When you break an addiction, you achieve the clarity needed to achieve the inner peace you are lacking as an addict.

1. You Can Do It!

Overcoming addiction and successfully navigating the road to recovery will not be easy but it is worth the effort and you can do it.

Recovery and overcoming addiction are a long road and there are no instant results.

There will be setbacks. Use this list to help you embrace your why.

2. Better for your loved ones and relationships

In this life, relationships and connections to your loved ones are some of the most precious things you will ever possess.

When you are no longer an addict, you will have a greater ability to be there and present for them.

One of the great rewards of recovery is discovering those relationships bring more meaning to life than your addiction ever did.

3. Better for Your Job or Career

It is very difficult to advance in a career or keep a job with an addiction.

Think about it.

Can an addict really perform well on a job? Even if you say “yes”, you know that is not true.

Breaking addiction is your key to getting and keeping a job or a career and truly being productive.

4. Avoid Prison or Jail

No addiction is worth your freedom.

Keep this in mind the next time you give into your addiction.

Most things people are addicted to substances that are illegal to use or have some type of legal restriction if abused.

If you have an addictive behavior, those types of behaviors can often lead people to commit illegal acts.

Breaking addiction is certainly insurance of staying out of jail or prison.

5. Prolong Your Life

It is well-known and a fact that substance abuse and addiction to drugs and alcohol leads to death.

Just like the possibility of ending up in jail, addictive behavior that does not lead directly to death can still lead to other behaviors that result in early death.

Do not risk your life, break the addiction.

6. Pursue Your True Happiness

Alcohol, drugs, and other addictions can lead to temporary happiness, but it is going to be at an expense of true long-term happiness and contentment.

True happiness will not be experienced until recovery and healing begin.

The only way to truly embrace life and be happy is to embrace addiction-free life.

7. Inspire Others and Be a Role Model 

It is very difficult to be a positive role model or inspiration to anyone if you are enslaved to addiction.

Take this moment to think about the people you know and have relationships with especially young people.

Do you have children? Nephews? Nieces? Younger siblings?

You have a responsibility to them and if you beat your addiction you can be a role model that they need.

8. Achieve Self-Control

Addiction can cause people to lose the ability to make decisions for themselves.

The danger of being an addict is not knowing what you will do and where you will be.

Being able to make decisions on what is best for you as opposed to doing something that feeds an addiction is the difference between being in control or being a slave to a substance or behavior.

9. Miss Less and Enjoy More

Addiction keeps people from the ones they love, doing the things that they really want to do, and enjoying all that life has to offer.

It becomes a wedge between spouses, children, and other very important relationships.

It hinders the ability to engage in meaningful activities.

10. Rebuild Your Self-Image and Improve Your Self Esteem

Addiction has a way of taking a toll both internally and with how you are perceived by others. action always results in depression and low self-esteem which cannot be easily hidden.

Embracing recovery with the help you to learn to respect and love yourself and be able to love and respect others.

People will start to see you in a different light.

11. Allow Yourself to Have More Fun

Addiction usually results from doing something “fun”.

But, the “fun” is always very temporary and the consequences always last longer.

Breaking addiction allows you to explore more healthy fun activities that are not possible otherwise.

12. Allow Yourself to Have More Energy

Addiction always cuts into quality sleep.

This is aspect alone makes addiction very taxing on your body.

The only way to start feeling more energetic is to break that addiction.

13. Allow Yourself to Have More Free Time

Satisfying an addiction takes away your most precious asset, time.

It takes time to acquire the substance or engage in the behavior you are addicted to.

No addiction allows you to have the time back and it can be used for relationships and healthier activities.

14. Allow Yourself to be More Productive

It is impossible to do more when you are always chasing and trying to satisfy an addiction.

By breaking addiction, you will increase your time to do things that are important, and you will have the energy to do so.

15. Allow Yourself to Have More Money and Financial Stability

Addiction is always expensive. If you want to control your finances, the addiction must end.

Aside from saving the money spent on the addiction, you will save the money by avoiding the health problems that addiction often causes.

You will be a better mindset to make better financial decisions.

16. Allow Yourself to Have Better Memory and Mental Clarity

How can you expect to have a sound mind if you are consumed by addiction?

You want to be able to be now and experience life now, pursue a path that will allow your mind to function at the level it was meant to function.

17. Be Less Sick

As already mentioned, addiction is very hard on your body including your immune system.

Addicts are more susceptible to sickness and disease. Be less sick, stop the addiction.

18. Avoid Long Term Health Problems

Addiction, especially substance abuse, is linked to so many long -term health problems.

Heart disease, stroke, and cancer are directly linked to so many types of addiction.

Do yourself a favor and make the decision to try to avoid these types of health problems, let the addiction go.

19. Allow Yourself to Sleep Better

Addiction and sleep deprivation are directly related. Lack of sleep results in less energy and health.

Addiction is not worth the unhealthy effects of staying up late, insomnia or being tired.

20. Allow Yourself to Control Your Weight

Some addictions such as alcohol and food addictions can cause you to gain weight and become obese.

Other addictions such as drugs and food addictions can cause you to lose too much weight.

Action makes it impossible to control your weight at a healthy level.

Just ending the addiction, you cause your body to go in a healthy direction as far as the weight is concerned.

My Final Thought on Embracing Clean Sober Living

Remember you are here for a reason and there is only one you.

You must take of yourself, your relationships, and your body seriously.

Use this list to motivate you to create the list that will propel you to embrace clean sober living and free of addiction today.

Check out this video for a different perspective about addiction, education, and knowledge is a necessary step in breaking the cycle.

6 thoughts on “20 Reasons to Embrace Addiction Freedom”

  1. These are all good reasons to embrace clean sober living and the reasons for sobriety don’t end there. I know people who have lost their lives to alcoholism and it’s an extremely hard thing to endure, both for the addict who is living through it, and also for their loved ones who find it hard to watch them suffer. 

  2. This is an excellent list of reasons to quit an addiction definitely!  I have to admit, I have TWO, though one isn’t one you would consider ‘bad’ exactly.  I’m addicted to caffeine.  (And it doesn’t waste my time or any other normal addictions could have, though health and mental wellbeing is one downside as I have anxiety and caffeine doesn’t help that at ALL.)  I’m also addicted to cigarettes.  Sigh.  So while some of this list doesn’t apply to me, most do, especially health and finances.  OY!  But even such things as gambling addiction or video game addiction could be applied to a lot of this list.  Thanks again.

  3. Hi Marvin, I have a very good friend who is struggling with alcohol addiction and I have seen the devastating effect it has had on her relationship with her family. She has been in rehabilitation, and although she occassionaly still falls off the wagon, her family is now supporting and helping her to overcome it. 

    I think the aspect of learning to love and respect yourself, is fundamental. I think it is also beneficial to say to family and friends that you have a problem and they must please help you, without imposing draconian restrictions, just the support you. 

    This is a phenomonal list of reasons, that also serve as motivation, to say goodbye to your addiction. Thank you for highlighting it. Liné

  4. Hello there, This is a very beautiful article that you have got here. I have been fighting with this issue if anger for a while now. Initially it all started with my growing up process. Things happened and gradually built as state of resentment, but as I go through this article I realize that I need to get out of it. so I can get the clarity needed to achieve the inner peace I have lacked.

  5. hello dear, so  thoughtful of you to write on such a demanding topic on reasons to embrace clean sober  I must say that living, I won’t say that I’m so much intrigued by your points given here on how best to embrace sober… leaving your points are clearly explained and if put to use will indeed make a lot of benefits…
    thanks for sharing such a lovely and informative review with us all

  6. Hi there thanks for this insightful review it was really helpful. Well addiction is one thing that cannot be gotten rid of so easily and living a sober life can really way you down. But if we must chooses between the two, we must choose embracing a sober life because addiction is what nobody should have.


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